Nutrition is one of the most influential elements in human health. It is important to create healthy nutrition habits at a young age as this will have a favorable impact in our health as teenagers. Keeping these habits during adulthood will also help us stay healthy throughout our lives. However, it can be challenging for teenagers to follow healthy diets because unhealthy foods are popular, widely available, and make an easy meal or snack. 

Nutrition Facts

Tips for a Healthy Diet

Increase intake of:

Decrease intake of:


Vegetarianism, a diet that excludes animal products, has been proven to have several health benefits (reduced risk of cancer, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, etc.) Diets that fall under the category of vegetarianism are:

To make sure you get enough of the nutrients you need, pay attention to the following:

How to Understand the Nutrition Facts Label

Unhealthy Diets Can Cause:

Common Eating Disorders


Obesity is currently one of the main public health crises in the United States. Obesity usually develops when you overeat (especially foods high in fats and sugars) and excercise too little. The energy that has not been burned is stored as fat. Obesity can cause several immediate health risks, including:

Future health risks:

Asking the Experts

Interview with:

Candace O'Neill RD, LD

Registered Dietitian

Huizenga Executive Health Program 

Cleveland Clinic Florida

Q: Do you think proper nutrition is currently a problem for teens? 

A: Yes, eating a healthy diet is an important part for teen growth and development. The food we eat is used in our body to provide energy and nutrients like vitamins and minerals help bodies function properly. Over time, the foods we choose most often develop and shape our taste preferences and dietary habits. Some foods contain nutrients that if eaten frequently in large amounts are associated with health concerns as you get older. These foods are often lacking the nutrients needed for healthy growth and development. It is important to develop proper eating habits now to keep you healthy in the future.  

Q:  What do you think are some of the main ways to maintain proper nutrition in teenagers? 

A: There are a few areas teens should consider when trying to improve their diets: